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Learn everything about DJ’ing from London’s Keshia G. The DJ Courses available will help you hone your skills from beginner right through to being a professional DJ. Here’s what’s on offer:

Taster Session– If you want more information and would like to come down to the studio to discuss the benefits of this course, your DJ goals and a brief introduction to the DJ equipment & industry standard DJ software, this is for you. 

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Beginner DJ Course– A complete introduction, you’ll learn all the basic DJ’ing skills including: equipment set up, introduction on how to use DJ industry software, how to organise your music, beat matching, understanding beats, bars & phrasing, how to read wave forms, how to use cue points, loops and basic effects. 

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Level Up– If you’ve been behind the decks before, this is the course for you.

This two-day course is designed for those interested in taking their DJ’ing to the next level. If you’ve started getting your first few gigs but would like to feel more confident, this course will help you with: using CDJ’s, playing longer sets, DJ’ing at peak-time party sets and having complete crowd-control.

We’ll go over beat matching, bars & phrasing, trouble shooting, effects, samples, creative mixing, organising your music, building your set, mixing different styles of music, recording mixes and how to be club-ready. Plus, you’ll get tips on the business side, such as what to charge and how to promote yourself professionally as a DJ. 

The course also includes one, 1-minute promo video, three professional photos and a professional voice over with your DJ name.

Keshia G Studio is currently based in Wembley (Right next to Wembley Arena)

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  •  Keshia G Studio is currently based in Wembley (Right next to Wembley Arena)

  • For more information on the courses and prices please click here