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Introduction to using crates in Serato DJ

Whether you class yourself as a multi genre DJ or a DJ that plays one genre, organisation is key at all times!

Serato DJ allows you to create crates so you can easily find your music whilst DJ-ing.

A crate is another term for a folder.

What are crates used for?

DJs use creates to organise their music.

There are several ways in which you can organise your crates. It maybe easier to organise your crates via genre (s) for example Hip Hop - House - Dancehall

Once you have labelled your crates you can then move on to creating sub crates.

Over the years DJs have been known to use various ways to organise their crates.

Example of crates & sub crates will be as follows:

Hip Hop (crate)

Old Skool Hip Hop (sub crate)

New Skool Hip Hop (sub crate)

House (crate)

Techno House (sub crate)

Deep House (sub crate)

Funky House (sub crate)

Another known method that DJs use is BPM (Beats Per Minute).

This will mean your crates will be organised by the speed of the track.

You will first have the genre of the crate ‘House

You can then sort your crates as follows:

House (crate)

120 – 125 BPM (sub crate)

126 – 135 BPM (sub crate) (numbers used for illustrative purposes only)

Dancehall – Would perhaps work differently as a lot of the songs are on ‘riddims’. E.g. you may want to have your layout as follows: (Riddims will be in alphabetical order)

Bam Bam Riddim

Fiesta Riddim

Up Close & Personal Riddim

(If easier separate between old skool and new skool and/or year)

To create your first crate click on the orange icon on the left hand side as shown in the screen shot below.

Once you have clicked on this icon a crate will be created and appear as 'crate 1'.

When you are ready to crate your 'sub crate' follow the same instructions by clicking on the orange icon on the left hand side and 'crate 2' will appear.

You can right hand click into the boxes and rename the crates to your chosen genre.

Once you are happy with the title of your folders you can now drag and drop the music into the Serato crates.

Importance of storing music on your external drive

Its important to store all your music on an external hard drive so that the memory on your computer doesn’t become slow and affect the speed of the computer.

If you are using an external drive I would highly recommend that you layout your folders on your drive the exact same way as you lay them out in Serato.

This is key as if any errors arise whilst using Serato you can easily open your hard drive and determine what may need to be replaced and resolve the issue quite quickly.

For example if you have a sub crate folder labeled ‘ Old Skool Hip Hop’ in Serato but on your hard drive you’ve labeled the folder ‘Hip Hop 1’ it may confuse you should anything go wrong.

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